Why cannabis business management?
You’re smart and resourceful. You have the ambition to take your business to the top of YOUR industry. But in a competitive and unpredictable marketplace, you face challenges even the brightest businesses can’t solve.  That is why we’ve created tools for cannabis businesses, delivery services, dispensaries, cultivation operations that have the ability to revitalize your cannabis business and restore optimism, confidence and certainty in your plans for fulfillment at intervals the cannabis business.

Who are we?
FTG Management Group has been serving the cannabis entrepreneurs since 2009. Helping folks manage their cannabis business with integrity and pride.  Our complete turnkey business management services give you the piece of mind knowing that all of your business is being handled properly and compliant. If you want to be hands on, great! We will develop a specific business management plan for you.  Operate your business while we train you in business management and operations.

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 We can help you get your cannabis business started anywhere in California. We bring you over 10 years of experience and excellent quality to help you start your business.
The Cannabis Industry is growing.
Are you ready?
Our 1 on 1 consultations can help you launch straight into your business. We discuss your ideas create a plan and get to work!

Our online cannabis courses help you answer specific questions about different licenses, processes, operations & more.

Our Cannabis Seminar provide you with a full spectrum of the cannabis industry with different industry professionals presenting.
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